Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sugar Cookies

A few days ago, Jamey asked to make cookies ... for breakfast. Because all the butter was in the freezer, we couldn't. He did take out a pound of butter to thaw, and today we made sugar cookies. He specifically asked for "not chocolate cookies." 

All the kids helped put in ingredients and mix the dough. Yes, even Livy. She helped by grabbing the bowl of eggs and pouring them all over the dishwasher and floor. But isn't she adorable in that little apron?

As you can see, it's getting harder to get a "nice" picture, so we're happy with whatever they give us. This is what they're really like. :) 

Mom, I'm helping, too. 

After dinner tonight, I rolled the dough into balls, which the kids rolled in sugar. 

Livy again with the grabbing--she snagged a ball of cookie dough off the table and took off with it. 

Ivy said, "I bet we made 200 cookies." She's pretty close. 

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