Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Gratitude

Someone on Facebook started "30 Days of Gratitude," so I participated. I posted these every day, but I wanted to have them all together.

Day 1: I'm really thankful that I have my hubby and our kids. This is what I wanted.
Day 2: Today, I am thankful I can stay home with the kids.
Day 3: Today I am super thankful for leftover fun size Snickers.
Day 4: Today I am thankful for meeting new friends.
Day 5: I'm thankful for my kids who are so hilarious and fun to spend all day with.
Day 6: Thankful that my vote counts!
Day 7: I'm thankful for a reliable postal service. The kids are decorating a box to send to our "new baby cousin" (due in Feb) in Germany. P.S. They have chosen names: Belle or Thomas
Day 8: I'm thankful for warm days and no kindergarten.
Day 9: I'm thankful to the opportunity to bless others.
Day 10: Today I'm thankful for my siblings. Sam Paradee is here visiting and playing with Jamey. Bethany Paradee lives with us and I love that! Levi 'Olaf' Paradee's having a baby, which will be awesome! Noah Paradee and Marilla Paradee are growing up to be such great people. I love you guys!
Day 11: I'm thankful for veterans past and present who defend our country and provide aid & assistance to others in need.
Day 12: Today, I'm thankful for my first daughter, the girl who made me a mom. She's funny. She's cuddly. She's a helper. I fun person to be around. 
Day 13: today I'm thankful for this hilarious snuggle bug who is so sweet. He told me this morning his name is "diddy." I'm talking about Jamey, not Jeremy.
Day 14: I'm thankful for this baby who loves me so much she wakes up for hours during the night to cuddle and nurse. 
Day 15: I'm thankful for all the friends I'm making at MOPs.
Day 16: Today, I'm thankful for my brother Levi. He's fun, he's encouraging, he's nice. He's got a great wife. Happy Birthday "Little Levi!" 
Day 17: Today I'm thankful for kindergarten. Ivy is having so much fun learning new things and making new friends. Her teacher is wonderful!
Day 18: I'm thankful for lazy family days.  
Day 19: I'm really thankful for whomever made coffee for me this morning!
Day 20: I'm thankful for Caribou, Foss, and the MN zoo. And Target.
Day 21: I'm super thankful for thanksgiving traditions--old and new.
Day 22: I'm thankful for family--near and far.
Day 23: I'm thankful for fresh starts.
Day 24: I'm thankful for Jeremy. He completes me :) 
Day 25: I'm thankful that we schedule date nights on a regular basis.
Day 26: I'm thankful for my hubby's financial prowess. 
Day 27: I'm thankful for peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk. Perfect lunch!
Day 28: Livy loves eggnog! I love eggnog creamer. I got eggnog yesterday!
Day 29: I'm thankful for Christmas baking!
Day 30: I'm thankful for support.

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