Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Diastasis Recti

I think I have Diastasis Recti. I haven't been to the midwife for the official diagnosis yet, but when I try to do a sit-up or ab crunch, I can feel a split above my belly button. My fingers sink in a bit.

I asked the fabulous Twin Cities API group for help, and here's what I got.

  • Loose Your Mummy Tummy is an excellent book. It will tell you just how to identify separated abs and how to fix them (special e-z modified 'sit-up')
  • Here's a YouTube video discussing diastis and how to identify if you have it (I recommend that you skip to 3:20 into the video)
  • Tupler Technique 
  • Separated abs are easy to fix, but beware, it's also easy to prevent them from knitting back together. This can happen when inappropriate ab exercises are done. Correcting diastis is important and so underrated. Separated abs cause back pain and problems, and cause a 'weak pelvic floor', meaning a woman thinks her pelvic floor is weak, or she feels some prolapsing, when actually the pelvic floor is doing ok--but it's being recruited to hold up the ENTIRE body which it was not intended to do. So check out the book, google for videos, quit doing that ab crunch nonsense at yoga class for a while, and your abs will come together after doing some quick dorky exercises that are easy.
Because I dislike watching videos on the internet, I read the Tupler Technique info and have ordered Loose Your Mummy Tummy.

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