Thursday, March 15, 2012

Nursing Bras

Why? Tell me why! It's so hard to find nursing bras that fit well, aren't ugly, and are functional and supportive. Oh, and don't cost a fortune. I refuse to pay $70 for a bra. While I'm sure I'd love a $70 bra, I'd rather have four $15 bras. Because who wants to wear the same bra every day? Especially if you're getting milk all over it all the time. Gross.

I found a Gillian & O'Malley bra I like at Target, but bless their stupid hearts, they rarely carry my size. And it's not like I'm looking for a huge mondo thing.

Because I hate shopping with the kids in tow, I ordered some of these great inexpensive bras at I'll rant about that another day. I do not like the new Target site. And once I find a piece of clothing I like, I really want to buy 2 or 7 of them so I am "stocked up."

I have to go downstairs now. The kids are watching Charlotte's Web, and Jamey is freaking out--all I can hear is "Ivy!! What is happening? Tell me! What is going on??"


  1. This is my current torment. I don't want to buy 7, because hopefully I'll be losing weight and the size won't be constant for that long.... But I probably would buy two at least. And I'd spend 70$ if I could find everything I want in one, that actually fit! But apparently the list of things I want is ridiculous, even though it's basically the standards everyone tells you to look for when buying.

  2. I've been sized at Nordstrom's and have only heard wonderful things about their bras. I've liked to wear a regular nursing bra with a camisole, so my mommy belly doesn't show when I lift my shirt to nurse. But I haven't liked any nursing tank tops yet.

    I'd just have one or two available and be open to lots of shopping. Three kids in, I've finally figured out what I like. Now we have to have a couple more kids to capitalize on the info. :)