Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nursing after Exercise

About an hour after the Get Lucky 7k, I nursed Livy. Then about an hour after that, she vomited all over my shoulder. She puked twice again in the next half hour, thicker green goop. The rest of the day, she was happy, with no signs of sickness. So, my guess is that I had a build up of lactic acid in my breastmilk.

I don't know if that's possible, so I asked a Le Leche League leader, the Run Like a Mother group, the Runner's World forum, and the Twin Cities API group.

Here's the info I got:
  • Kellymom says that if you're exercising at max, you can get a build up of lactic acid, but it doesn't usually bother the baby. 
  • The responses I got from the Runner's World Forum all said it was probably a bug. 
  • The Twin Cities API list said it was probably viral. 
  • The Run Like a Mother group had never heard of anything like that and referred me to the Kellymom link. 
So, maybe it was a bug. My LLL leader said to trust my gut and maybe it was the milk. Either way, she was only sick for about an hour.

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