Saturday, April 28, 2012

What is Jamey doing?

Swimming lessons
Jamey swims once a week at Foss. He's in Little 3 (moving up to Little 4 for the summer session). He's learning Tiger Paddles and Bird Flaps. And to flip over on his back when he needs to breath or rest. He puts his face in for Red Light/Green Light and LOVES kicking. In fact, he really loves all of swimming lessons.

He breaks out in song all the time. He spent about 30 minutes the other day singing "BINGO" over and over again. His favorites seem to be BINGO, I had a little turtle, EIEIO, The BIBLE, and Going to the Promised Land.

This boy can throw fits with the best of them. Over anything and everything. He gets super mad really fast. The only positive is that he seems to work through it really fast too.

Making Crayons
My mom gave the kids a crayon maker for Christmas. You melt old crayons to make new ones. He'd do it all day every day and does sometimes.

Riding Bike
We picked him up a Cars 2 bike last week. He's got the matching helmet and bell, and he couldn't be happier. He's learning to pedal but doesn't last long before he gets frustrated.

He ate 4 hot dogs for dinner one night. And then had a whole ton of mini corn dogs another night. With Bethany living here (all vegetarian like), we've been eating less meat. But this boy LOVES meat!

Playing outside
Both Jamey & Ivy like to play outside. They are pretty good about staying in the approved areas. They asked Vic next door if they could play in his backyard--he has a big wooden swing. They are having a great time back there. They dig, pick flowers, run around, pick up "treasures," and imagine the hours away. I love watching them out there. When they're outside, they rarely fight or hit. And I'm really happy they have such a big space to play.

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