Wednesday, September 5, 2012

At Home with Jamey

A while ago, Jamey told me that he wanted to do school like Ivy. So I ordered him the same Sing Spell Read & Write preschool pages I did with Ivy. We did a couple pages this morning while Ivy colored. He did a great job recognizing and coloring red & yellow.

After we got home from dropping Ivy off, we made peanut butter cookies. I rolled them into balls, and Jamey dipped them in sugar. When we got done, he said, "I'm bored of this. Let's go get Ivy."

Instead, he taught me a new game: "Kink, Kink, Kink, Touch the ..." He explained that it's like "Run and Touch" except you have to say, "Kink Kink Kink, Touch the fish tank" or whatever. He played that for quite a while.

Then he wanted to check out his new back pack. I had picked up a few different boxes of flash cards. We went through some shapes, colors, numbers, and the planets.

The three hours of kindergarten went pretty fast, although I think Jamey's going to get used to Ivy being gone. It was fun to watch him play with Livy. And it was surprising that there was no fighting all afternoon.

Coloring the red page

He's so happy to do school.

Livy wanted me to take her picture, too. 

Lunch of champions

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