Tuesday, September 25, 2012

at the Y

I went swimming at the Y tonight while Jeremy stayed home with all three kiddos and did bedtime by himself. That's a big deal--getting three to bed alone is a big job.

1. There was a woman sitting on a bench next to the pool. She had on some strong perfume or something. I could smell her every time I went by. And then I walked past her in the locker room--whew.

2. There was a woman swimming in the lane with me. She didn't have on a cap or goggles, so she kept her head above water the whole time. It looked like hard work. I later saw her in the locker room, too. She was showering and getting dressed with her toddler son. And he was nursing the whole time. I wanted to say something encouraging and nice to her, but I couldn't think of what without sounding condescending or creepy. On my way out, a Y employee said something like "Hey, nice work in the pool," and I really wish I had encouraged that mom. But I've been sitting at home for awhile, and I still can't think of what I could've said to her.  So, "Mom at the Y" I hope you're doing well.

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