Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ivy's First Day

Today was Ivy's first day of kindergarten. After crying yesterday, I was pretty sure I'd be okay today. And I figured Ivy would be excited.

It sounds like she had a great day. She says she had fun with her new friends and mentioned three by name. They read a story about a mouse that "was a girl but looked like a boy." They had "s'more crackers" for snack. And she said her favorite part of school was gym class.

As soon as she saw us waiting for her at the end of the day, she started crying. She was so sad she's not riding the bus. Her teacher told her that she gets to be line leader every day when the class walks out of school because she's riding "the mom bus."

Eating a big lunch so she has energy to play and learn

Jeremy came home early to walk to school with us.

Waiting to go to her class. Jamey really wanted to see her room.

The first day picture

Line leader on the way out of school

We made peanut butter cookies to bring to her after school.

Playing at the park on the way home.

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