Monday, September 3, 2012

Hit & Run

Our favorite date night activity is going to the movies. Before kids, we went all the time--sometimes more than once a week and sometimes for the Solt Special (a double feature). Now that we've instituted Date Night, we're going to the movies again.

Last night, we saw Hit & Run. Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell were on Conan earlier this week. Listening to them talk about the movie made it more fun to watch it. She told funny stories about Dax and his cars (they are a real-life couple), and he was just hilarious.

I thought the movie was going to be this action Guy-Movie, but it was a comedy, a little lovey, with some action tossed in.

We thought it was so good. Funny, mostly. Light hearted. Fun to watch. Great date movie.

100 times better than Avengers and way better than Bourne Legacy. I liked it better than Dark Knight Rises, but it's totally a different type of movie. (These are the 3 movies we've seen recently.)

Next up: The Words, Looper, and Trouble with the Curve.

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