Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A visit from FL family

Jeremy's sister Amy and her family have come for a longer visit. We love having them so close and wish they would move to a beautiful home on Prior Lake. :)

In reality, they have rented an awesome cabin about 2 miles from our house. She found it on VRBO. We are having a great time swimming in the lake, jumping off the dock and raft, tubing behind the pontoon, and tomorrow we're taking the jet skis out!

Amy & the kids arrived on Saturday afternoon, so Jeremy & the kids left Alexandria a day before me. It all worked out great!! They spent the first day with the Stones at our house and then got to the cabin a couple hours before I did.

Leaving Alexandria. Jamey fell asleep almost immediately.

The kids loved riding in Jeremy's car. Notice Ivy's foot on Jeremy's seat by his shoulder. 

They're here!!

Playing at Memorial Park

Jumping off the dock.

So far, Jamey hasn't jumped off the dock very many times. But he does love playing in the shallow water. And he spends most of his time swimming underwater. 

Playing in the lake makes us all super hungry.

More cake please!

In the zone

The sign of too much sun?

This girl PASSED OUT on the two mile drive home.

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