Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lifetime Tri Review

We went up to Lake Nokomis this morning to cheer on Jeremy, Auntie Amy, and our friend Eric from CA.

From a spectator's standpoint: this was not a great race. It was impossible to find parking. We just had to park in the neighborhood around the lake. So, we ended up parking about two miles away. Not a fun walk after standing out in the sun for three hours. With 5 kids under 10 yrs old. Also, it was hard to navigate the race area. Everything was blockaded off, so we always had to walk up and around and back and down and across. Also not easy with 5 kids under 10 and a jogger.

Good things: three bounce houses. face painting. ice cream. EXCELLENT!! LOVED that part.

After the race, we had Super Dragon at the cabin and then played in the lake.

We've just parked and are ready to walk to the lake.

Waiting to see Jeremy & Amy at "bike out"

It has been a long wait. 

Hot and tired

Jamey was more interested in the post-race snacks.

Our racers!

Our friend Ashley from CA. 

Melting heart :) 

Snacks after hours of swimming

Ready for dinner and dry clothes

Sitting in the porch

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