Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Blue Sky Company

A favorite thing we like to do is buy artwork and crafts from people we know. We have photography from Jeremy's dad hanging in the dining room; I have stitching my sister did for the kitchen; we have a painting Jeremy's mom did years ago.

My new favorite artist is my cousin Amy. She has a great Etsy shop: A Blue Sky Company. She is so creative and talented. She paints, she sews, she repurposes cigar boxes, she knits. The items she has posted are gorgeous. And she's been known to do some custom orders. :)

The Upcycled Cigar Boxes are our kids' favorite things. Ivy & Jamey call them "treasure boxes." Ivy keeps her jewelry and special things in hers. Jamey, so far, has filled his with rocks and Matchbox cars. I will be ordering these boxes as Christmas gifts. (Be prepared Amy!)

Here are a few things she's made for us.

She painted these letters when Livy was born. 
They're Olivia the Pig and just perfect in her room. 

I got this Kindle case, which I love so much. 

Ivy's beach themed treasure box

The outside of Jamey's box

The inside of Jamey's box

Livy's flower treasure box--hers has some earrings in it :) 

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