Friday, July 13, 2012

Race Expo & Brave

Today, we all loaded up and went to the Minneapolis Tri Expo at the Convention Center. The kids made posters for our racers tomorrow, and Livy crawled around under the display tables.

From the convention center, we walked to this great BBQ place for lunch.

Then off to Eden Prairie Mall to see the movie Brave. We've been excited for this movie for as long as it's been out. Plus, we love going to the movies with the cousins. However, about 20 minutes into the movie, Ivy and Jamey were snuggling into Daddy's armpits trying not to watch the scary movie. And Livy was more interested in saying "uh-oh" every two seconds than being quiet and sleeping. So, I took the kids to the play area to wait out the movie.

Racing Family

Pacified with an apple

Eating candy before the movie starts

Dylan needed a trim, so Ivy got a blue hair extension :) 

Dylan also got a blue hair extension :) 

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