Monday, July 9, 2012

The Family Reunion Begins!!

Thursday was Day 1 of a 4-day fun family event. My mom, Jolene & Jenny planned gazillions of fun activities.

Jeremy, Sarah, Stu, Aaron & Bethany biked a quick 30 
while Amy, Gabi, Kim & I went to Just Like Grandma's for lunch. 

This was the "official kickoff" for the reunion. 
Dinner at Bugaboo 

Livy with Auntie Ardy, Great-Grandma Marian's younger sister

After dinner, we all went to Schoolhouse Rock at the AAAA Theatre. Marilla had a main part, and it was super fun!! 

After the play, some people went to Stu & Jolene's house and some went to Sixth Ave Wine & Ale. We went back to put the kids to bed. :) 

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