Monday, July 9, 2012

Friday Fun (reunion day 2)

Let the good times roll!!

We did not get up for the round of golf at Arrowwood, but I hear it rained pretty hard.

We did drive out to Urbank to climb up Inspiration Peak. First of all, it is a long drive through farmland to one of the highest "peaks" in Minnesota. We all climbed up the hill at least once. Even Grandma and Auntie Ardy made it! Then we had a picnic lunch, swatting mosquitos and horse flies the whole time.

Seriously, it was chilly!!

Chasing Auntie Jolene

Kim & Sam

Matt, Kim, Marilla, Ivy, Jeremy, Jamey, Chris, Noah, Jolene, Sam

Trying to get a drink

Amy & Livy

While every one else went out to a Wine Tasting at Carlos Creek Winery, we drove the kids out to Brandon to see Grace Lutheran Church where we got married. Ivy told me that she remembers me in my big white dress, but she didn't remember Cousin Dylan crying during the whole ceremony.

I think my favorite activity of the reunion was kayaking at River's Edge Outfitters.

We really want to get our own kayaks now.

Livy saying "Hi!"

Grandma, Uncle Rick, & Ivy

Jamey & Jeremy getting in

Amy & Aaron

Jamey had so much fun!

Ivy cruised around in style with Grandma.

Livy screamed about half the time. Then I put her in the water and she stopped screaming. I think she figured the boat was better than the river. :) 

Jamey playing in the water. It was super warm and wonderful!

After kayaking, we all headed out to my mom's house for a cookout and bonfire. SMORES!!

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