Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Rev

Ivy, Jamey & I did the Little Rev. It's like a scavenger hunt. There were 10 checkpoints we had to find and write down the alphanumeric code on our map. I wish we had a copy of the map, but we had to turn it in.

This was before we started. They had trick or treating at the expo, so both kids had their costumes on. Jamey changed out of his Elmo outfit, but Ivy said Super Girl was a very fast runner.

She took the lead for a minute!

About halfway through. Some of the checkpoints were hard to find, and there was a lot of walking for these little legs. Jamey was super hot and "lost" his shirt. 

Beeline to the finish!

Jamey picked up this palm branch on our way to Checkpoint 7. He dragged it all around the park and then really tried hard to fit it into the car. 

Finished!! We had a lot of fun!

Livy made a little friend. 

The awards ceremony. 

I'm trying to find pictures and video from the Rev3 site, but I'm not having much luck. But there was a guy taking video and I'm sure watching Jamey run with that tree is hilarious!

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