Saturday, October 27, 2012

A week of relaxing

We've spent almost a week just relaxing with the cousins. It's been fun--super fun--for the kids, well, all of us. It's amazing how quickly a week goes by.

Livy LOVES the pool! She might be our "best" swimmer yet. She's even learned to say "one, two, three ... Wheee!"

My my. She's relaxed in the car. She's lounging on the way to Grandma Claire's house again. We had lunch with her on Wednesday and then went to play at the Playmobil Fun Park. I may or may not have done some Christmas shopping. 

Tropical Storm/Hurricane Sandy rolled in on Thursday thwarting our day at the zoo. Another trip to Miami is in the works already, because all Ivy wanted to do was see the elephants. Next time!

Friday, we loaded up and headed for Sarasota and the Rev3 race. 

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