Friday, October 19, 2012

The Drive to Florida

We have driven between Florida and Minnesota a few times, and it's always gone well. We planned to leave Tuesday at 4 after school. We figured we'd get to Miami around dinner time on Wednesday.

We planned this trip to Florida to coincide with the Rev3 70.3 in Sarasota. So, Jeremy & Amy are training and will be racing.

Livy fell asleep the second we got in the car. 

The kids watched a whole ton of movies. 

The shoes come off as soon we get on the road. 

 We stopped for dinner in Iowa somewhere. Then we stopped again sometime to get gas and put jammies on.

Shortly after this cute picture, Jamey puked all over the back seat. Just once. And then he felt better. Although, a couple days here in Florida, he's still complaining of a "yucky tummy" every once in a while. 

This is after breakfast in Chattanooga, TN. Livy drank some apple juice and ate some pancakes. She promptly puked twice about a half hour after we got back in the car. 

Dressed and ready for a long day in the car

Uh-oh. This is very irresponsible. But I was probably looking at the map, not Facebook.

Finally in Florida!

Seriously, this drive took 5-6 hours longer than Jeremy & I remember. And the puking. And we stopped for 8,000 bathroom breaks and gas stops and meals. Despite all that, it really wasn't a bad drive. The kids were great the whole time. Ivy & Jamey watched movies, read books, played with toys, and colored & did stickers. Livy had a harder time, but she doesn't like being in the car between Prior Lake and Eden Prairie. I ended up holding her hand a lot of the trip. Also, she napped well during the day, but was not a happy sleeping girl during the night. 

So we got to Marc & Amy's house around 10pm. The kids ran around for a while; we ate snacks; and unloaded the car. It was fabulous to be out of the car! And super fun to be with the cousins!

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