Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cheering at Rev3

I can't write too much about the race without spoiling Jeremy's race review. 

Trying on Auntie Amy's aero helmet

The Solt/Stone cheering squad. The shirts all say "Daddy's Transition Team" or "Mommy's Transition Team." Ivy is upset that Dylan gets to hold Livy. 

All smiles now :) 

The surf while we were walking out to the end of the pier.

While we waited for Amy, Jeremy, and our friend Nick to come in from the bike, the kids ran around in a little field. Dylan is a great babysitter for Livy! 

Not always excited to cheer. It was SUPER windy, and the kids were "starving."

Jeremy's favorite "post 70.3 treat" is a cold Green Monster at the finish line. So I bought one (well, two for $3). But in order to keep it cold, I also had to buy a cooler and ice. And some buckets and shovels for the kids. As we were walking to the finish line, the can fell out of the cup holder on the stroller and got a little hole in it. Jamey said something like, "Mom, Daddy's drink is dewishis." 

Waiting for the 'rents

You'll have to wait to see all the other race photos on Jeremy's blog with his race review. 

After the race, Jeremy showered and we hit the road for home. We did stop just past Atlanta to sleep. But here's a funny picture of Livy "eating" baby carrots.

We stopped to do this more times than I can remember. 

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