Saturday, October 20, 2012

Ah, this is the life

We spent a lot of the day at Crandon Beach on Key Biscayne. But before that, Jeremy & Amy did some crazy long work out.

Evidently, Ivy needed to catch up on some sleep before a long day in the sun. 

We all went out in the water. Even Livy had fun. Yesterday, she was scared of the ocean and wouldn't go near it. True, Crandon Beach is in Biscayne Bay. The water is warmer, and the waves are smaller. We walked out a very long way to get to waist-deep water. The kids found live conchs in the water and saw some little fish. Jack even found a crab. And a jellyfish.

We had a scare with Jamey. He was walking back to the sand and stumbled into a deeper pool of water. He did tread water to keep his head above water, but it scared me. I was trying to run through the water holding Livy. Jeremy didn't hear me hollering because he was diving with the girls. Auntie Amy came to the rescue and snatched Jamey up. I think I was more scared than he was. 

Amy, Livy & I sat on the towels while everyone else built sandcastles. Livy ate pretzels and sand. 

I think Livy was jumping into the pool the kids dug. 

The tide went out while we were there. Livy especially had fun walking in the little pools of shallow water.

We "gotta be in it to win it." When we win the lottery, this is similar to the boat I want to live on. We think a helicopter took off from it. 

Ice cream cones at the beach: Crandon Beach has a nice little concession stand, a decent shower area and rooms to change clothes. There are also cabanas you can rent for the whole summer. 

We went to Whiskey Joe's for dinner. It's right on the water near the toll booth on Key Biscayne. It was okay food. I had a Coconut something drink (the server said they reworked the mojito and added coconut) that was good. The service wasn't that great. And for the cost, we should've had real silverware, not plastic forks. 

We sat at a hightop table and had to improvise a high chair for Livy. 

There is a marina "at the restaurant" where they have dry storage. I'm not up on all the lingo, but the owners call and ask for their boats to be put in or taken out. So, these huge forklifts move the boats around. It was cool to watch. 

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