Saturday, November 10, 2012

A fun Saturday

This was a very fun Saturday! First of all, Ivy had her first little play date with a friend from school. And maybe my favorite part so far is that this girl lives about four blocks from us. I see lots of fun summer walks in our future!

Then my brother Sam came down for a visit. He's staying over night and will hang out tomorrow for a while. Probably until the football game(s) are done.

And, even more fun, Livy's little boyfriend Scout--from next door--came over to play for a couple hours.

Let's get this party started!!

Seriously, let's get partying!

Mom, can I have the camera? 

Matchy matchy

We ran up to the "America Mall" as Jamey calls it. We had to get a little present for a friend in FL. I had mailed one, but the envelope tore open and the gift didn't arrive safely. And we did some Christmas shopping for the family in Germany. 

While we were in FL, we went to Chipotle with Auntie Amy one day. The manager came up and gave us a coupon for 5 FREE BURRITOS. We were going to eat at the MOA, but the line was hella-long. So we just drove home to "our Chipotle." 

Livy ate an entire small cheese quesadilla and then that whole piece of my veggie burrito. She must be growing! Hopefully that makes her tired!!

Cherry Berry is just across the parking lot from Chipotle. Because a mondo burrito isn't enough food, we went over for super delish and huge froyo. 

Chilly Willy


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