Saturday, November 3, 2012

Father-Daughter Square Dance

Wooddale hosted a Father-Daughter Square Dance on Friday.

All dressed for her date with Daddy
Not all dancing was square dancing, we did some line dancing too
Ivy's had made her hot, so dad wore it most of the night
There were lots of fun snacks, we took many dancing breaks to have gummy worms and cookies

Huge circle of square dancing
Listening to a missionary about life in China as a missonary
Ivy took this time to take some pictures around the room she thought was fun (pink light)

For the last dance, Ivy danced with a girl as her partner.

Ivy and dad got milkshakes on the way home
The last dance had pairs taking turns doing the lead portion of the dance. The segment you see Ivy just standing there while someone in the background runs back and forth, Ivy is supposed to be doing that too, but it was a fairly complex series of moves and she just went to the end

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