Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mother Son Game Night

Wooddale hosted a Mother/Son Game Night tonight, so I took Jamey. Whew! That boy is funny!

Nevermind the early use of Ivy's booster. It was easier to move into Jeremy's car than his own car seat. He's wearing his stocking cap with his ears sticking out--just like his dad.  

There were activities set up in two classrooms and the gym. We just went from station to station playing games and doing art. Every station had questions to ask the boys. 

We spent a lot of time doing art--making pennants. And then flying them like airplanes. The question here was "If you had $10, what would you do with it?" Jamey said, "Give it to some workers ... like at a restaurant." 

He had quite a bit of trouble actually hitting the bowling balls with the ball, so he ended up kicking the ball to hit the pins. "If your pets could talk, what would they say?" Jamey told me that the fish want to eat ice cream, go to the park, and sleep in his bed. 

Playing in the gym. He couldn't really get this thing going on his own, so I pushed him around. It was a lot like playing at Edinborough Park or Shakopee open gym. 

Snack Time! They had "make your own trail mix," rice krispie treats, and football shaped brownies. Jamey was super excited for little bottles of "racing juice." 

Bean Bag Toss. He threw bean bags for a very long time, but wouldn't stand back any further than this. 

"Mom, it's a big smile!" He hung on to one end of the noodle, and I pulled the other end. Lots of fun to swing him around so he'd fall off the rolling thing.

Playing catch. Then throwing it through the hula hoop. "What kind of animal would you like to be?" A giraffe, so I could bend down and eat you!

His favorite thing of the whole night was laying on his belly on the gym floor and holding on to the hula hoop while I dragged him around on the floor. LOVED it! That's the first thing he told Jeremy about when we got home.

This event was scheduled from 6-9. Around 7:45 Jamey asked if Ivy was still at swimming lessons. When I said she was in the bath or going to bed, he asked to go home. "But Mom, I wanted to watch Ivy swim." 

On the way home, I asked if he wanted ice cream or to go home. After a long discussion about Dairy Queen, Cherry Berry, and Wendy's, he picked Wendy's. When we got inside, he asked if the girl working was Wendy. 

Mom & Son

Mmmm. Chocolate Frosty!

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