Thursday, November 1, 2012


The kids were so excited about their costumes and the whole day of fun, they put their costumes on as soon as they got up. 

We went over to City Hall and the Police Dept in the morning to go trick or treating there. Then off to an oil change and to Target. We were looking for a costume for Daddy. They were all out of adult hot dog costumes, so I'm going to have to buy that earlier in Oct, no matter what Jeremy says. :) 

Ivy had a party at school, so she got to wear her costume there. She said it was a lot of fun. They played games and got fun little toy prizes. 

After dinner, we went out trick or treating with our neighbors. We were out from 6:30-8. Ivy, especially, loved it. Jamey did, but he kept sucking on his fingers, so they got very cold. Even Livy liked picking candy out of the bowls. 

There were some awesomely decked-out houses. Thankfully, the teens pretending they were dead in the lawn didn't jump up to scare the toddlers. But there were a few houses that Jamey was scared of. One had a bush that shook when you walked past it. 

Ivy & Livy's haul

Ivy said something like "chips are not candy" and handed them to me. 

This fan lasted approximately 15 seconds. 

Oh my. Sugar dipped in sugar. It's like I'm 10 again. 

The glow in the dark teeth are a huge hit! 

In case there wasn't enough candy in the house

And then as a special Halloween treat, all three kids were awake in the middle of the night. Starting with our sweet baby who cried from 2-4:30. Ivy & Jamey couldn't sleep through that, so we played musical beds for a while, and eventually everyone went back to sleep. But our lovely boy woke up a little before 7, so I'm sucking down coffee this morning.

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