Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moving--Day 2--March 26

We woke up in Cedar Rapids, IA. We all went swimming as soon as we got up. The pool was FREEZING! After baths & showers, we hit the road and got to St. Louis around 3:30. The drive was pretty easy. Both kids napped; I even got a short nap in. The Doubletree was very nice. Best pool I've seen in a long time. It didn't have free Wifi though.

We drove over to the Arch. Did I mention, the Sweet 16 NCAA tournament was going on there, and traffic was bad down there. And the river was really high.

We had fun at the Arch. Spent a lot of time in the Western Expansion Museum and bought a few postcards. We didn't go up because the tickets were all sold out, and it was windy, and I'm terrified of going up there. Did it once when I was in college and have no need to do it again. And the kids are too young to care.

Jamey is totally lucking out on this trip. I nurse him to sleep in one of the beds and then move over to the other bed with Ivy. Right now, he's got the whole bed to himself while the rest of us watch Terminator 2 on USA.

We got to bed around 9 and no one woke up until 8 am!

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