Saturday, March 27, 2010

Moving--Day 3--March 27

We are in Nashville! I think we're halfway there!!

This morning, we just got up and got on the road because it was a longer driving day--350 miles. I think we were in the car for 5 hours. Or 6. It felt like 32.

The drive from St. Louis to Nashville is not pretty. Boring, boring, boring. But a little hilly.

We got in to the hotel around 4. It's not really in Nashville. I think we're 20 miles south. So we didn't go to any local attractions. I did hit up the local Target for some laundry soap and tape for Ivy's chin.

Thankfully, the Courtyard Hotel has guest laundry services. Even with a diaper on, Ivy's had accidents every day. Her carseat and clothes were in dire need of a washing. We spent the evening swimming and playing on our little patio.

It's 8:45, and Jamey's been sleeping for an hour. Ivy's bathed and goofing around. I might hit the workout room or the shower. And I think Jeremy's waiting for his turn on the computer.

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