Thursday, March 25, 2010

Parenting 7th graders

At the park yesterday, there was a group of 7th grade boys skate boarding and hanging out. I know they were in 7th grade because they said so. One of the boys called his mom for permission to do something else and ended up swearing and yelling that he just wants to be with friends, being at home is boring, and she's a bitch. He hung up and announced to his friends that he had to get out of there because his mom was calling the cops to drag him home.

How do you get from this adorable sweet cuddly baby to that? I have no idea, but the lack of respect on both sides was evident. After watching NBC's Parenthood the other night where a 15-yr old girl was sneaking around and lying to her parents, I was a little fearful that angst is inevitably in
my future.

Then 7th grade boy (who happened to look exactly like Matt Reich) called his mom for permission to go to the skate park. It was a wonderful conversation about negotiation, expectations, and compromise. Renewed my faith in teenagers and parenting.

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