Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving--Day 3--March 28

Last night in Nashville was the worst ever. Jamey slept from 7-9 and then was woken by loud people in the hall. He just was not interested in going back to sleep. After a couple hours of walking and nursing and lying down, I finally took him down to the lobby to run around for a while. We stayed down there for more than an hour. He wanted to check out the workout room, the pool, and tried playing the piano.

We got up mid-morning to head to Macon, GA. The drive was long; we were all tired and sick of being in the car, and Atlanta looked like so much fun as we drove by.

And Macon is the armpit of Georgia. The hotel was crappy; there were NO activities--the mall was even closed. And I think we were in the ghetto side of town. Supposedly, there was a Botanical Garden, but no one knew anything about it.

We ate at Applebees where the kids were a huge hit. It was another late night. The kids like to stay up until 11 or so. Wake up at 8 and then not sleep in the car. We're getting eager to get to Amy & Marc's house.

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