Monday, March 29, 2010

Moving--Day 4--March 29

I woke up early this morning and got to shower without the kids banging on the bathroom door. And then I loaded up our extra bags in the car. It was a nice morning after such a cruddy day.

We ate at the Waffle House before we hit the road. I have noticed since St. Louis that there are no coffee shops--not Caribou, Starbucks, Dunn Bros, nothing. I guess they don't drink coffee down here. But let me tell you, everyone offers us sweet tea the second we sit down. Hey, not even the gas station has the bottles of Starbucks.

Again, the drive seemed SUPER long. Even after we stopped in Vidosta, GA for a long lunch at Chick-fil-a. They had a play place. I'm over my CFA thing already. It's not that great. I mean, it's okay, but nothing super.

Shortly after we got into Florida, we stopped at a service area on the Florida Turnpike to do our first Resident Thing. We bought a SunPass. I have to activate it tonight, but no more scrambling for change at the toll booths. And the turnpike is totally worth it!!

The Radisson in Orlando is pretty sweet. We played on the playground a while and then went to the World's Largest McDonalds (or at least largest play area)--they had an arcade. Ivy rocked at a pirate shooting game.

Baths now and then hopefully bed soon. We're planning to get up early so we can spend some time at the beach before we meet the condo management in Hollywood.

PS. The kids are riding really well. They read books, play with the dolls, eat cheese sticks and drink lots of Crystal Light. Jamey is sick of it now-he arches his back and screams every time we get close to the car. Ivy watches movies and sicks to herself a lot.

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