Friday, March 26, 2010

Moving Day -- March 25

The movers were due to show up between 8-10. Everyone told me to expect them early, so we got up at 6. We pulled bedding off the beds and tossed in the last load of laundry. We drove Jeremy to work because the movers are hauling his car. When the kids and I got home, I put Jamey down for his nap--think he'd just get in a bit of a nap. Then the movers didn't show up until 11:30!!

They seemed to move really slow. At 3, I asked them to get all our stuff out of the house so I could vacuum and get on the road.

The kids and I cried goodbye to every room in the house. Remembering my first thanksgiving turkey, their first steps, those dumb dogs.

Then we picked up Jeremy from work and headed to Cedar Rapids. The kids alternated between being happy, sleeping and screaming. We got in to the hotel around 9:30. The kids were super excited to jump on the beds. We didn't get to sleep until 11. Thankfully, they didn't wake up until 8.

I don't think it seems real yet that we're not coming home. Ivy had asked several times to "go home tonight." She wants "Lola puppy" and Baby Sonny.

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