Monday, January 23, 2012

At least one sport and one art

We've always said "one sport and one art" for the kids. We have the sport covered with swimming. And it's easy to think of other sports it'd be fun to do. Soccer, t-ball, tennis.

An art is harder. We aren't artsy parents. I don't like drawing or painting or anything like that. I did piano as a child, but neither liked or hated it. Jeremy appreciates the arts, but isn't artistic.

I've always assumed this would mean our kids would take piano lessons or something. Until Ivy has been asking for ballet lessons. AHA!! Ballet is an art!! When schools cut sports, they aren't cutting the dance line! Dance is art!! Yay!! Not that I'm particularly excited about dance. She also is going to try out the kids' choir at church in the fall.

For Jamey, I have no idea what this means. Swimming and something. Or maybe he'll end up wanting a different sport. And the Livy, too. Who knows?

A sport and an art.

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