Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleeping around here

For a couple months, Livy has been unintentionally napping at 10pm. She'd sleep for an hour and then be wide awake and happy until 2am. Jeremy & I have been taking turns staying up with her. In the last couple weeks, we've been more serious about getting her on a normal schedule.

Purely by coincidence, Ivy has been waking up around 6am the last week or so. She comes into our room and wakes Livy up, which at first I was annoyed by, but it has ended up to be great. Livy has been awake more during the day and has been going to bed for the night around 9:30-10pm.

This also coincides with the 2012 Training Schedule. Jeremy & Bethany have started swimming this week. Everyone is ready for bed by 10. We're getting some good sleep most nights.

However, Livy has been teething. She wants to nurse all night long. If' she's not really awake, I can get her to take a pacifier during the night, but not last night. She woke up at 3ish when I tried to stick the paci in her mouth. And then Ivy was awake. And Jeremy moved to the couch. Then Ivy came back to our bed, and Livy started crying. So Jeremy went back to our bed, and I fell asleep on the couch holding Livy.

Today is a bad day to be out of coffee filters.

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