Monday, January 9, 2012

Favorite Kid Activities

During the winter when we can't play at the parks, I have a list of indoor activities that give the kids a chance to run off some energy.


IGM gymnastics has an open house play time for kids every Friday morning. It's $7 per kid. Ivy really likes the trampolines and the foam pit. Jamey likes hanging from the rings and running around the squishy mat floor. It's not usually too crowded but there are enough kids there to entertain my kids.


Edinborough Park

This is maybe our favorite place to go that costs money. It's $7 a kid and is worth every penny. The climbing structure is perfect for Ivy and Jamey loves the bounce house.


MN Zoo

We have a membership to the zoo and use it to our full advantage. Because we have a membership and live close to the zoo, I can take the kids for a few hours to run some stink off without feeling like we have to stay all day. The Bird Show is a must-see everytime we're there. And we often walk out to the Farm and take the train ride.


Chaska pool

We haven't been to the Chaska Community Center pool lately, but when we go swimming for fun, that's where we go. The zero-entry is great, the slides are super fun, and now that Ivy's bigger she can do the bigger slide. They also offer swimming lessons.


Jumps & Downs

I just took the kids here for the first time. Oh gosh, it was like heaven for Ivy! There are maybe 5 big bounce houses, a ball pit, and an air hockey table. I think it was $7 per kid. Again, well worth the money, and we will go back.


Toddler Tuesday

We have only done this once and now my kids have been exposed to the rides. It's hard to get out of the MOA without going on a ride. But Toddler Tuesday was a fun activity. And the mall is pretty empty during the day, so I don't feel bad letting them do some running down the halls.


EP mall

The Eden Prairie Mall is our free "go-to" when the kids need to get out of the house. Plus it's close to Jeremy's work, so we usually combine a trip to the mall with "Lunch with Daddy." The soft play area in front of Kohl's is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Ivy is technically too tall, but I don't really care. She's the target age for it, and it's not her fault she's a giant. :)


Shakopee Community Center

The Shakopee Community Center has a toddler/preschooler open gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings for $1 a kid. It's a huge gym (2 basketball courts) and they provide tons of toys to play with. There usually aren't too many kids there. Sometimes I run around with the kids, but every so often I sit on the side and drink a cup of coffee while they run and throw balls. We've also brought along their bikes a couple times.


I know other people have favorite places to go, and we'd love to try them out. Let me know where you like to take your kids in the long winter months.

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  1. Great post! Once upon a time I googled for such a list and found a couple that focused on things like the Science Museum and stuff in St Paul. Your list will be great for other SW metro parents.