Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Uff dah. Who ever thought it would be so hard to find a pool for the kids to swim? Ivy spends a fair amount of swimming lesson time playing. She's getting better at listening and paying attention, but we think she'd focus better if she had time to play in the pool. I'm having no luck finding a pool for her to swim that we don't need a membership for. Also, I am baffled by how many outdoor pools/aquatic centers there are, but so few indoors. Don't city planners know this is Minnesota? We need winter swimming pools!!

Sidenote: we have no need for a membership anywhere and aren't interested in getting one.

Prior Lake
Dakotah: not open to non-members
River Valley YMCA: not open to non-members
Lifetime: $5/kid; $30/adult
Foss: they periodically do open swim, but not very often. $8/person

Chaska Community Center: Awesome awesome pool!  $7.50/kid; $8.25/adult Open swim is 1-5 during the week.

No pool available.

No pool available. They do have SandVenture open in the summer. Fun place like a lake, but with slides.

Belle Plaine
Belle Plaine has a great pool that is open during the summer. We went a couple times last year, and it's fun. And it's maybe $3/person.

There is Cascade Bay, which is super awesome for the summer. We've done two of Ivy's birthdays there. Nothing in the winter though.

Eden Prairie
Oak Point Pool has open swim!  Only on the weekends or Wednesday night, but in a pinch that might work. And it's $5.50/adult and $4/kid.

Edinborough Park does not have open swim times even though there is a pool there.
Edina Aquatic Center: again only in the summer.

No pool available.

No pool available.

Apple Valley
Family Aquatic Center: We haven't been there yet, so we will probably try it out this summer.
Redwood Community Pool: looks like fun

Family Aquatic Center: Summer only, again.

If you know of a pool I've missed, please let me know. Looks like we'll be heading to Chaska for fun swimming.


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