Monday, January 16, 2012

Foss Swim School

Our kids spent almost every day in the water while we were in Florida. When we got back last May, I wanted to find swimming lessons they could do every week, so they didn't lose their comfort with the water. I looked into community ed or the Y, but I wanted something we could schedule and just do every week all year long.

We decided on Foss Swim School in Savage. They break down their lessons into four groups: Backfloat Baby, Littles, Middles, and Bigs--based on age and ability. Each group has four levels.

We did a "level assessment" with Ivy to make sure she got into the right class. After seeing Ivy's skills, the teacher put her in Little 3. Jamey got put in Backfloat Baby 2.

We've done two sessions now, and the kids are doing great. They keep learning and progressing their way through levels. Ivy is just starting Middle 3 (for the second session-the teacher said it usually takes kids 3 sessions to get through because side breathing is a hard skill to master). Jamey is starting Little 3.

I'm happy with our experience at Foss. The teachers have all been so good with the kids--keeping their attention, making the classes fun, motivating them to keep trying. The teachers are great.

I like the program itself, too. I like that the kids are learning how to swim and be safe in the water. I also like that they have other adults they have to listen to and other rules to follow.

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