Monday, January 2, 2012

An Update from the Solts

I haven't blogged here in a quite a while, and I have an unofficial NYR (that's slang for New Years Resolution) to blog once a week.

2o11 in a nutshell

Jeremy did some racing-triathlons and running. It's been fun to take the kids and ring some cowbells when he comes through transition and the finish line. He rides with the Great Scott Biking Club and swims with Genesis Aquatics.

I've been busy doing some training and a little racing. Being pregnant, having a baby, and figuring out three kids. I'm trying to spend time with friends and have some stitching projects on my radar. Along with some longer races.

Ivy really enjoys swimming lessons. She's doing great learning the back stroke, freestyle and side breathing. She also LOVES art. She got a spirograph for Christmas, and we have already gone through a ream of paper! She paints, she colors, she draws, she cuts, she glues, she tapes. She also got some bendaroos and is really enjoying making animals with those.

Jamey LOVES swimming lessons. He's learning to coordinate his scoops & kicks & putting his face in the water. He does float on his back alone. Outside the pool, he like cars and trains. A lot. I mean A LOT. He isn't such a fan of going out in the cold, but I don't think Ivy was at this age either.

Livy loves her mommy. She really likes to be held, but she does really great if Ivy & Jamey are playing with her. Ivy can get her laughing so hard; it's super fun to listen to and watch. She would really like to be sitting up on her own, but she's not quite there.

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