Thursday, May 31, 2012

Almost Kid Free

Ivy & Jamey stayed at my parents' house after our trip for Sam's graduation and Memorial Day. So, Monday afternoon through Thursday afternoon.

While they were gone, we got the bedrooms rearranged. First off was emptying all the toys out of the playroom. Then we moved Bethany to the "former playroom." Next, sort toys and get them upstairs. Put up the bunk beds in Ivy & Jamey's room. Lastly, set up Livy's room. It was a busy few days here.

I learned this week that having three kids is more than three times harder than one kid. I'd say exponentially harder, but I think "one to the third" is still a small number. One kid is super easy, and three is not. 


  1. 1^3 is still one. You'd want to put an actual measurement on the effort of raising a kid to see interesting math.

    Let's say raising one kid takes 20 units of work. If raisin three took triple that would be 60 units. But if it's 20^3 that's 8,000.

    Now we're talking :)