Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sam's Graduation

My brother Sam graduated from high school last weekend; he participated in the LEARN at Home graduation in Alexandria. We went up on Friday afternoon and stayed through Memorial Day.

Ivy crawled in bed with me, so all the girls slept together. 

We found this rocker in the garage. 
There are pictures of me in it when I was about 9 months old. 

Sam was riding Ivy's bike. 

All tuckered out after lots of playing.

This pretty girl found Mommy's makeup.

Helping Grandma cut watermelon for "Sam's Big Party."

Finding flowers

The graduation ceremony was at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Alexandria. The home school graduation is pretty neat: the graduates each get to talk a little bit, and the parents also speak. 

Waiting for graduation to start.

Sitting by Great Grandma, singing hymns

Making faces!

The few pictures I took of the ceremony were all blurry. However, you'll have to check out these posts to see all the funny pictures Ivy and Jamey took. 

Eating all the M&Ms

Great-Grandma Marian

Playing puppy with Lily's leash

Ivy and her BFF Sophia

Ally and her brother Andy

Ivy can touch the leaves while she's swinging.

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