Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Valley Fair

We got season passes to Valley Fair this year. Today is the first day it's open to the public, so we went. It was looking pretty cloudy and stormy this morning. Honestly, I thought we'd get in a couple rides and then get rained out. Five hours later, the kids were still sad to leave.

They're dying to get inside.

Holding up their own cards. They had to get their pictures taken and everything. 

You know they're my kids because as soon as they saw the fountain, they posed in front of it and asked for a picture. I'm glad I snapped one!

The Carousel is always a favorite. I'm not sure why, because it seems like a lame ride. But there's something special about the carousel. Jamey isn't tall enough to ride on a horse, so he had to sit on a bench with Livy and me. Ivy loved riding her horse.

The Antique Cars were a bust with one adult. We waited in a kind of long line and then found out that with three Shorties, I needed another adult. And none of the high school students seemed too excited to ride with me and the kids. I should've offered some cash.

Climbing all over the Line Ride. 

Planet Snoopy is full of excellent rides for the kids. It's the kids' park, so that's expected, but really, there are only three rides that Ivy isn't tall enough for. However, as a one-adult venture, there are a lot of rides Jamey is two inches too short for. There are seven rides that the kids have to be 42 inches for (or have an adult). With just me there, he gets the shaft, because I can't leave Livy alone to ride with him. He was a great sport and super patient while Ivy rode the Big Kid rides. And Ivy was fair about "one for her, one for Jamey."

36 Inches
Snoopy vs. Red Baron
For some reason, the kids were looking in at the ride and never once looked out.

Kite Eating Tree
I expected the kids to be scared of this, but they loved it! This is another one they rode about 13 times in a row without getting off. And they rode several times. 

Sally's Swing Set
Waiting. Jamey can't see over the gate. 

This is just a giant swing. Jamey thought it was the best. 

Linus' Beetle Bugs
I think we got spoiled today with no lines. The kids rode all the rides many times without getting off. 

Snoopy's Junction
Jamey seriously would've ridden this 100 times in a row if Ivy hadn't been asking to go somewhere else. They did ride three times in a row!

Snoopy's Moon Bounce
Wasn't open. Lame. 

42 Inches
Snoopy's Deep Sea Divers
This is a little submarine that goes in a big loop. She laughed and laughed.

Peanuts 500
Jamey's wishing he was two inches taller.

Driving like she stole it.

Peanuts Road Rally
Not open. Well, no one was working at it. 

Linus Launcher
Seriously? She's old enough for this?

She is! And she's super excited about it!

Woodstock Whirlybirds
Standing in line by herself.

Like the giant tea cups. She wasn't really impressed.

Snoopy's Rocket Express
The first time she rode alone. 

She told me I didn't have to walk up the stairs with her. 

Right after this, she looked over and waved.

Lucy's Tugboat
Yes, she was the only person on the ride.

48 Inches (they didn't ride any of these)
Cosmic Coaster
Flying Ace Balloon Ride
Charlie Brown's Wind Up

Peanut Playhouse
This is an ACed building for the little kids (54" and under). It's full of foam balls and cannons, etc. The kids were confused about what to do at first, but once they figured it out, they had a lot of fun.

Family Care Center
I am totally impressed with this building. It's in Planet Snoopy, seems kind of tucked behind something. It has two family restrooms, a room with changing tables, two private nursing rooms with rocking chairs, and then a bigger room with two rockers, two high chairs and a couple bottle warmers. There was also a small room with bean bag chairs and a tv--if you had to change a diaper, the other two kids would have something to do. There were also bins of toys and books. This is a staffed building. The woman was very friendly. I love that this building is there. I love that it's got AC and is super clean. Really glad I didn't have to change Livy's diaper on a gross bathroom floor. And really glad there will be someplace cool to nurse her in the heat of the summer.

We ate Pronto Pups for lunch. The kids were starving and devoured them in about three bites.

Ivy didn't have to work too hard to talk me into a Funnel Cake.

If I knew how to rotate this, I would. She napped for a long time.

Where should we go next?

Meeting Snoopy

Wiped out after a long fun day!

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