Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

My special day started at 7:45 when Livy woke up. I was lying in bed snuggling with her and smelled eggs. Mmmm. And coffee. Yum. I got up a few minutes too early, because it was supposed to be breakfast in bed. I ate breakfast with Jeremy & Ivy (Jamey was still sleeping) and opened my cards to find this wonderful gift.

It's a gift card to the local tattoo parlor. I get to add Livy's heart to this tattoo.

The big hearts are Jeremy & me. The little ones are for the kids.

After breakfast, we went to church and then to the Pizza Ranch for lunch. I feel like I have to justify going to someplace to "normal" on Mother's Day, but we like it. I really like the Taco Pizza, and we've learned that Livy likes the potato wedges. 

Then home to change into play clothes, and we walked over to Lakefront Park. 

Happy Mother's Day!

Teaching the kids how to kick the ball

Ivy's turn!

Jamey's turn!

She really wishes she could stand up by herself.



Rolling down the hill


She figured out the Camelback water bottles!

After Lakefront, we went to Dairy Queen for the free ice cream cones from yesterday. Delicious!

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