Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Jeremy's Birthday

Today is Jeremy's 35th birthday. Here are some memories and pictures of the birthdays we've shared.

2004 (27)
Eight years ago, we had our third date. I met Jeremy at his apartment downtown. That may have been the first time I was at his apartment, because he met me around the block to show me where to park and then how to find his building. I gave him the Norah Jones CD because he had told me he didn't have any "seducing" music. Then we met up with a few of his friends (Andrew Watson, Matt Reich, Matt Uberecken, and Joey McCalley). We had dinner at the Loring Pasta Bar and then played pool at the Dinkytowner.
This picture is from 2004, before we were married. I think we were engaged already though.

2005 (28)
Look at all those candles!

2006 (29)
Celebrating at home

2007 (30)
We had a coffee mug we were passing around with some friends and family. It said something like "I'm not 30, I'm 29.95" and it looked like a sale tag. 
Trip to Florida in May

2008 (31)
We got the Economic Stimulus check on Jeremy's birthday, so we went shopping!
New TV & PS3

2009 (32)
We had lots of friends over this year, and I had a girlfriend make a computer cake. 
Copies of the three laptops Jeremy had at home.

2010 (33)
We had been in Florida for about a month. Marc & Amy took us out to a fancy steakhouse. 
Playing at the beach in Hollywood, FL on Daddy's birthday

2011 (34)
We hopped in the van before daylight to move back to MN. Because Jeremy hates driving, this was not a great birthday present. We did have ice cream cones at McDonald's in Georgia. 
Jeremy & his Mom the day before his birthday.

2012 (35)
This year, Jeremy got lots of new bike gear, including a fitting. He says he's going to blog about it, so I don't want to steal his thunder. A carrot cake, his favorite, is cooling on the counter so I can frost it later. We had cinnamon rolls and orange juice for breakfast, and the kids gave him their gifts & cards. 

Livy did not like her party hat!

Ivy showing off her hat and her new "racing shirt."

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Jamey & next door neighbor Sonny. 

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