Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A New Window

We are replacing our front window!

In March & April, we had four different window companies come out to give us estimates on the work. We looked at sliding windows, bay windows, double-hung windows. Fiberglass, wood, vinyl. Safety glass.

We were surprised at the cost of replacing this 120" window. I know the measurement now, because each sales person seemed so amazed at the size of the window. I think both of our neighbors have big windows like this, so it doesn't seem that odd to me. And I'm pretty sure my parents' house has 3 huge windows.

We settled on Scherer Brothers, a fiberglass Marvin window. The salesman, Kirk, was very nice and informative and helpful.

The new window will be installed June 4!


  1. I love large windows. In our house, we have 2 large windows in the living room. I find large windows energy-efficient because we don’t need lights to light up the living room. The natural light that passes through the large windows is enough to brighten up the whole area. #Leah

  2. A large window is definitely costly. Just recently, one of our large windows broke accidentally. We had to replace it immediately for our family’s safety. Luckily, I knew how to install it, so we don’t need to hire a contractor to get this fixed. It must’ve been really expensive if you’ll add the installation costs. ->Isaac Andre