Monday, May 14, 2012


The kids love sidewalk chalk. In Florida, they loved throwing off the balcony and then going downstairs to find it. Here in MN, they rub it all over their arms, legs, and faces to pretend it's sunscreen. Super creative, I know. Most of the time I don't care and probably encourage it.

We're heading to Livy's 9-mo doctor appointment this morning. The kids were up, HAPPY, ate breakfast, got dressed and then went out to play and watch the school buses arrive.

Livy woke up and needed a bath before her inspection. :) While she was in the tub, I looked out the window to see Ivy & Jamey covered in blue chalk from head to toe. What were they thinking? I even asked Ivy, "What are you, 4?" She just laughed and said "Yes." Jamey chimed in, "I'm 3."

Thus, the emergency shower this morning. Blue chalk doesn't actually come off with just water. I had to scrub them down with soap and a washcloth.

I wish I had a picture. I didn't think of taking one until they were already in the shower. They were the color of smurfs on all their exposed skin. Arms, legs, faces, feet. Even Jamey's tongue. "I sucked it, Mom, like a popsicle." Everywhere. Bright blue.

So, they got out of the shower, got new clothes on, and went back outside with strict instruction NOT to rub chalk on any part of their bodies. After feeding Livy, I looked out to check on them. They were playing in "Sam's Mud" next door and had blue legs again. Good Grief!

I called them in and vigorously wiped them down with baby wipes, because I was not putting them back in the shower. Ivy told me they didn't rub the chalk on. "It just got on our legs when we were sitting in the pretend river we made of blue chalk."

Great creative play, I said. Now go watch tv.

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