Thursday, May 10, 2012

MN Zoo with the Aunties

We went to the zoo yesterday with Marilla and Bethany. It was such a nice day! And then when we were at the farm, we saw Maddie & Annika (friends from church). 

Our big girl Ivy pushing the stroller

She wanted a piggy back ride. A bear back will have to do.

Cool Kids

Ivy thought it was cool that the bear dug a hole to sleep in.

Climbing by the Amur Leopard

The new tiger

Pretending to be tiger explorers

He was walking only on the curb.

Walking backwards

In the grain elevator

Laying in the stroller

Friend Maddie from church is in pink; the other girl we just met

Maddie is in Ivy's Sunday school class

Watching milking

This is where coffee comes from :)

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